Love's Perception

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 00:19 -- devimj

Love’s Deception:


A simple four letter word
Often heard in that cliché three word phrase
Its meaning stretched out beyond the visible proportion because of our heart’s discontent
Love’s ignorance or the invisible invitation to trust.
A word overused, and it's power manipulated.
The yielding result of sacrifice even if it means losing someone you "Love"
Concaving into existing only through the identity of false love because it feels good


I'm slowly losing sight of you love
I thought you were generous love
I thought you were forgiving love
I thought you were protective love
I thought you were kind love
I thought...
I honestly thought you were accepting love


But I guess that blends in with my misinterpretation of love
This divine overdose has confused my love
Anymore of this love and I don't think I can live
Do I show someone I love them by lying
Do I show someone I love them by hating
Is love’s deception worth portraying


Loves affection


Love is the fabric of life,
Love is deaf, mute, and blind while being incapable in the aspect of placing distinctions
Love has no race, no gender, and no discriminatory tendencies
Love is the forgiveness even when we have been hurt beyond all belief
Love is never ending, timeless, and forever constant
Love is the peace of mind and content with our circumstances
Love is happiness that plagues our mind
Love is appreciation and acceptance
Love streams those reminiscing moments through our memories
Love is communicated and depicted through our actions
Love’s affection keeps us away from the schemes of deception  


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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