loves embrace


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In a moment of quite temptation, and passion
Embracing and interlocking, tangled and twisted
As if at one point in time we might have coexisted
Wondering, waiting, and ever changing like trends or fashion
Touching and teasing, playfully innocent yet so corrupted
Wishing the world would stop so our dance could never end or be interrupted.
Calm and quite, but alive and restless, never forgetting or letting go
Locking the words you speak in my mind and memorizing the beat of your heart against my chest
You came into my life and knocked down all my barriers and passed every test
Our love story so sweet and twisted like something from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe


sasha sager

this poem is about not just love but falling in love and the dance between to forever interlocking souls

sasha sager

this poem is not just about love but falling in love, two souls bound and interlocking in a dance a passion and steps ever changing two hearts dancing to the same beat

sasha sager


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