Lovers Willow

Underneath the willow tree, during a warm spring fling,

A lad and lass came to spend their days playing on the tire swing.

Playing and laughing, living their life away

The two became one on a summer day.

It started with a kiss under the tree, the two filled with glee

Picnics and stargazing for endless nights;

Never one bickering fight.

 It seemed like forever, just the two of them. Until the night- summers end.

College came around and the tree was alone, the kids moved out and didn't come home.

 More and more couples came and carved their names- nothing would ever be the same.

Then one day, there was no more room for another heart.

The willow tree began to part.

Years later, after so much time, the two came back but not the same.

In boxes lined with gold, side by side, the two so old.

Into the ground both they went, forever gone the meriment.

But after a blanket covered the two, the tree read the lullaby

"Here I lay with my darling too, the place we met so many years ago. Forever i'll be with you, playing on our swing.

This is our spot, life will never stop! Together we go on, singing our song. Lover's willow.

Forever yours, forever mine...forever love to those who continue the story line."


This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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