There's something to be said for those moments of grand love.

The ones where roses are given and dinner is served to candle light.

When fireworks explode in the sky as he gets on his knees.

There is much to appreciate in these grand gestures.


But you did not fall in love because he filled you're room with balloons

You fell in love because you two got lost in there, resting on each other

as the light reflected off the orbs sending colors into the air

and neither of you moved or spoke.


Love is not grand, yet it is not small, it lives in the fingertips of the nightly foot massage

and the kisses to the forehead while you pretend to sleep

Love lives day to day when your eyes lock and for that quiet moment

you surrender your body, mind, and soul.


We are all lovers, remember that the next time you fight.

The next time you turn your head and go to sleep angry instead of working it out

Who wants that? Who wants that pain and hatred. No one.

But we push through it for the foot massages. 


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