Lover of my mind

I guess we're back where we started,

Sweet lover of my mind


I saw you in a weird place yesterday

Not in my dreams

Not in my thoughts

Not in my day dreams or writings or when I ought

not be thinking of a man that muddles my mind quite like you do

I saw you in the goddamn movie theater parking lot

Why were you even in this city, man?

You know how bad that cusses with my head?


I got to thinking that not even the winds of fate could keep us apart

Then I got on a train turned so far away from you that I feared

I might have bungled my chance to tell you

I love you

You are the lover of my mind

Maybe you already know that though

When I saw you standing so close I thought my fevered mind

had conjured up a vision reminecent of life and love

and a future with ginger hair

Then you turned around and I knew I wasn't insane

Cause you said Hi.

Hello, my lover

Lover of my mind


You touched my hand and I decided that I wasn't crazy

I just loved you and that was all

Dear lover of my mind

I said I was sorry

but you waved that away,

said we didn't need it

You just pulled me close and held me there

I never left your cradling arms I don't think

Like ghost whispers on my lips

you remain

Lover of my mind

You claim me and I have no qualms

I put my stamp on your chest and you don't protest

so we belong to one another now

and you know how black people are about their stuff


I missed you so much,

You know

You missed me too


This is the way I hope to die.

I like you so much

The lover of my mind




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