In A Loveless World...

In today’s world, there was nothing but hate

No one seems to like each other 

As I look around, I feel my heartache  

Love had died, not even showing it to mothers 

Oh how this had clipped my wings 

Vain and hatred had consumed the world 

Eros, they would call out, hate is in everything 

Lack of love reminded me of Hades’s underworld 

Eros, I said to myself, you have to do something about this 

Shooting arrows everywhere I went, seem to do the trick 

Soon people changed and were giving each other a kiss 

While this process was a hard one it was also not quick 

Of course, I couldn't spread love all by myself, what was the point?  

Romance and compassion were to be shown by people themselves, all I did was give it a push

Love was something that needed to be natural to people, not like one was held at gunpoint 

Demonstrating love is my job, and if I witnesses any hate I would tell it to shush

This poem is about: 
Our world


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