Loveless: Act. 1 Lost


United States
42° 32' 11.5512" N, 74° 20' 7.0296" W

While my own memory stick,

Well my own feelings, they fade

An empty soul wanting bliss

unless you want me to stay


As I sit here heartless

And attempt to end my life

I can't decide who to forgive

Without feeling so empty inside


So here I am, finding a cure

Hoping to find enlightenment

Searching for feelings that were once pure

And a sense of entitlement


It's hard to see you moved on

Yet I know it's for the best

Yes, it hurts that you are gone

Well to that I detest


Now I'm here looking for the one

I know that this can't be rushed

So a new chapter now has begun

Hoping to find someone who I can trust


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