Loved Me Not

“Mine body lovest thee,” thou screamest.

Ringing in mine head: “ ‘Tis doubt,” methinks.


Reflect! Reflect! Look at thyself;

Thou speak’st of hate, but dost thou hate thee?

Whence hast thou learn'd of pestilence?

For deceit plagues thy community.


Feel! Feel! Fondle mine beating heart;

Dost thou pain when ‘tis torn far apart?

Soft as light, didst thou reach delight?

For love, I seek thine; and thou seek’st mine.


Hear ye! Hear ye! Muse mine glum cries;

Wherefore dost thou think’st I weep at night?

Dost thou heedest thine avarice?

For thy lack of thought leaveth me white.


Think! Think! With that prized brain of thee;

Dost thou see not the reality?

Blind with conceit, dost thou see none?

For with thy superbia 'tis done.


I was foolish, because I loved you.


Leaving thee was right,

O’er the meadows of fright.

Venus deemed thee unworthy of mine soul and body,

Everything thrown away for new beginnings.

“Didst thou lov’st mine soul as mine did lov’st thee?”


Yoking us was mine mistake;

Our love was an illusion,

Underneath that mask was deception.


Never I saw thine respect;

Objections to all I do,

‘Tis just to name a few.




An old and earlier version of the poem was previously submitted under the name "Broken Mirror" in Hello Poetry, and I have since deleted that version.

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