Love yourself


Who's to blame?

When you don't speak up?

Insecurity comes from within

But no one on the outside can conquer it

But You.

Yet you refuse to love yourself

You expect others to love and repect you.

Giving pieces of yourself to boys

Untill all you see in the mirror is a reflection of a girl

Broken into a million pieces

The ghost of a whole girl

Before you gave her away.

He promised to love you forever

But forever now has an expiration date.

The love you should have invested in yourself

Was wasted on a passerby.

But chin up girl!

Be silent no longer!

You can't rewind the past

You can't stop the future

You can only press play on your life and live now




Now put yourself first.

Now weed out the posion filled thoughts

Plant the seeds of love

Of belief

Of hope 

Of uniqueness

Of strengh 

Plant all of these seeds

Harvest them for one person



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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