Love Yourself


  I may not have that much time left.

  I may not know how I am to leave this world.


  I will not live in fear.

  I refuse to fall into the snares of depression.

  I will take what I can get;

  Live life for each moment,

  Each day,


  Love it in every way.

  Because I will not accept having regrets;

  Having disappointments.

  I can lead an amazing,


  Unforgettable life.


  I will lead,

  An amazing,


  Unforgettable life.

  But it is not just me;

  You can too.

  There's just one thing,

  That you have to do:

  Love yourself;

  Be happy with yourself.

  Then your life will fall into place.

  You will be at peace,

  With everyone;

  With yourself.

  All you have to do,

  Is love,




I know what it's like to be depressed and lonely all the time, so I really wanted to try and not only make myself feel better but help other people realize that their state of happiness in life is entirely up to themselves. So, you shouldn't let yourself be sad all the time like I did, because no one can actually make you feel happy - you are in charge of your happiness and well-being, and no one else can or is going to do it for you.

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