love your self!

Listen to what I have to say 

There thoughts and there sayings are just what they really think about themselves, 

they have this anger
this rage that they throw to other people 
They are jealous of the beauty and personality that exist in your self 
There words are thoughts that are not even processes through themselves 
They rage what they don't have ,
and think why can't I be as beautiful and perfect like her,
and you know that's true you are beautiful and
just meeting you that one time I see a beautiful little girl who will grow up and be more beautiful and kind and perfound person,
don't listen to a word they say,
don't take it so personal they are just to insecure about themselves,
laugh at what they say and think they just jealous of what they don't have,
so take these words to thought
 keep them there because you are a beautiful just the way you are. 
This poem is about: 
My community
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