Love Ya Buddy

The friend that I found in you is more than enough for me to handle

            No tricks, no lies, no scandal

            Being comfortable, feeling relaxed, being myself 

That kind of relationship I don't have with anybody else

             Here we are, from kids to young adults

             Throughout the years, yet some time was much lost

Due to seperation we did lose touch

               In due time for us that didn't matter as much

              Will not ignore that we do have a past

Back then, something that we both thought would last

             We both grew up and of course a lot has changed

            Though the common factor between us remains the same

A life-long bond

             It will forever go on

            A mutual, friendly selection

That we both know for sure will never be disconnected

            As the future may come, so very closely near

           Only a good thing will remain so clear

No matter what life will bring us and what it'll pass by

           This 12 year friendship will never be a lie

          Can't fill in the gaps of unwritten history

Whatever has happened will be the cherished memories

          You're my oldest friend.....

          You're my best friend....all the way 'til the end

Nothing will change that

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