Love in the Woods

A million stars in the sky

One shines brighter I can't deny 

A love so precious a love so true 

A love that comes from me to you

Let's take it slow so we can grow for our relationship to flow

I know what I did was wrong if you hate me I'm not stopping you from moving on 

Because this curse hurts worse than a woman giving birth

I'm willing to make amends and be friends because you deserve better than what was already earned

I've learned how to respect a woman from the Bible

I have dreams of you walking down the aisle looking at you like you're my idol

But we're distance lovers

This kid never had a mother 

I won't be here if you don't want to be bothered

These words are in honor of my mother's grave

Entitled through this hardest age 

We need to thrive and survive through thsee modern days

I'm tired of looking at your tears just stay within my arms stay calm and have nothing to fear

Now listen, I don't want to fight I rather do what's right 

A man needs a woman that's the most important part of his life

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