Love Without Barriers

Their love is in secret, their passion concealed

No acceptance from peers, their feelings aren’t real

It doesn’t matter, it’s just a faze

They feel the revulsion in their gaze

You’ll grow out of it

You’re just sick

God could never love a prick

The world in which we live is so filled with hate

Some might argue that it’s too late

Change is frightening, change is hard

Accepting change is the first step to a solution

It only takes one individual to start a revolution

Love should transcend the barriers of gender

It shouldn’t matter the appearances of lovers

Our society needs only to recover

To take each person as they are

And love without prejudice

To react with selflessness

A heart beats the same rhythm no matter sex.



Wow, powerful. Great work.


"God could never love a prick."  This is not true.  Jesus DIED on a cross for sinners.  Ovbiously He did this out of love.  He let people spit in His face and pound thorns into His skull. For sinners. For our mistakes.


fantastic. i really really like this poem! keep it up!

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