Love will never leave



Pray for the Vaden family,

The words should always echo.

Throughout the years

No one supposed

He'd be the one to let go.


A football prodigy,

A high school sweet heart,

The Vaden family is left to wonder

Why their son would want to leave

And cause a roar of thunder.


Suicide seems like a nightmare

That most don't have to wake up from.

Others endure it everyday

After their loved ones choose

To leave them.


Imagine never knowing

After all he'd left no note.

Imagine never understanding

How the child you thought you knew



No one really knows

Exactly how to identify

The quiet screams or breathless sighs

Meant to make you wonder why.


We put our faith in people

Hoping that relying on them for love

Will save us.

Will make our lives worth it.


People are our only hope to live in a world of love.

That's why I pray for the Vaden Family

So they know it still exists.

So they know it wasn't their fault

And they don't have to let go.


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