love is what matters most in the world


Love is what we do best

Of that there is no doubt

It is a test

That we cannot live without


Often I felt alone and lost

Unloved and unwanted

As cold as frost

I felt forgotten


But he turned it around

When I least expected it

He was never one to be brought down

Not the one to easily quit


When we meet he smiled

I just turned away

He stayed there for a while

But I had nothing to say


He continued everyday

Smiling without caring

At what was thrown his way

He was quite daring


After a while he would just talk

To me and tell me about a thing or another

He we would talk and I would walk

He told of his mother


Of how he loved and lost

I held his hand as he spoke

When to him she would sing with voice so soft


And when he was done he awoke

Of the reverie he was in

He told me of how his mother died

How she let death win

How he would lead me to see the bright side


I told him I had tried

So many times, yet he went on

To explain to me how he would provide

The perfect thing that had no con


I asked him to tell me this perfect thing

He said ‘it’s a secret, but you soon will find out’

The next day he gave me a crown claiming I was a queen

It was strange but he just laughed, at me there was no doubt


However the next few days went the same

He would bring gifts and read me a poem he wrote

Although some thing would seem lame

They were really sweet; he would often say a quote


On things quite peculiar

But they all shared the inspirational spark

It was very soon when things got unusual

When one day he took me to the park


He was quite nervous that I could tell

Of what I didn’t know

I really hoped things were well

He brought me there to see the sunset, to see it glow


And without a second thought he kissed me right there

I didn’t how to respond, but before I could he left my lips

He turned away quickly; it looked like he didn’t seem to care

He apologized claiming he had slipped


I laughed for the stupid excuse he had given me

He turned my way so he could see my eyes and I could see his

I closed my eyes so that I could see

With my heart that is


He had kissed me, of course

Why, was what I was asking

I didn’t know if this situation could get any worse

I came to care for him, and I was not acting


‘Why’ I had asked after a silent moment

‘I was hoping you could fall’

I listened to what was spoken

Then asked what was he saying all I all


He said he was hoping I would fall in love

‘Why would you do that?’

‘Love can cure anything

All you needed was someone

to care for you, to kiss you.

I know I am not the right person to do so

but love is what we do best

of that you can be sure.’


I fell in love with him

I didn’t intend to but I did

He passed away not so long ago

I shall never forget him

He helped me feel loved again

He helped me see the good of the world

He taught that love is what we do best

Of that there is no doubt








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