Love, Unmerited.

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 19:05 -- Raessie


Selfishness Bred Neglect.

As I traded his will for my own.

Inflated the world,

so a perpetual deflation of his Magnitude could flood my heart.

Yet never once did He stop loving me.

Never once did He erase my name from his thoughts.

A loving embrace was all he sought,

A spiteful heart was all I gave.

So Neglect bred convenience and Nonchalance,

as each ‘hello’ ended with a 'forgive me’, ‘give me', 'forget you',

and Mondays reserved themselves for flirty kisses with the world,

while Sundays cried for holiness at his feet,  with two irregular heart beats,

alternating luke -warmly


Still, through it all did he Love.

 Never relinquishing hope nor faith.

Always granting Grace-- even IF it was my permanent license to sin.

Then when I crashed and burned,

knowing exactly where to turn,

He salvaged me with open arms of love.

And as blemished and revolting as I was,

As encapsulated in the filth of this world,

Washed me. 

made me white as snow.

Washed me.

made me beautiful.

Washed me.

Renewed my tattered heart.

He washed me, and made me whole.


A priceless act of restoration spawned from Love.

A love He didn't have to feel, utter, or demonstrate,

Yet sprung forth in spite of who I was and where I'd been.


A love that should have been revoked,

the instant I allowed my fleshly lows to eclipse my spiritual highs,

yet choose to wait with great hope that my heart would someday

pulsate deeply with reciprocity.


A love, that should have slammed its precious doors in my face

for my unfaithful-laced obsession with what the world was still cooking,

instead of what His sweet bread readily wanted to feed

Yet left them gapingly open, as though I was worthy of an entrance.


A love that should have glared directly into my wicked eyes

and truthfully recount how unmeriting I was of its fruits,

yet smiled joyfully and assured me of Its depths and strength,

desiring nothing but my heart. My soul. My ALL. 


No matter how unworthy, sinful and Tainted I was, 

His heart beat for me With Countless throbs of hope,

entwined with mercy and grace.

His Love fought for me.

And in loving pain, His blood  was shed for me...

to Purify me. Identify me. Beautify me. Unify me,

As one, With Him. 


Now This Love,

so amazing, so fulfilling. So delighting,  Mesmerizing.

surpassing any other,

molds me.

moves me.

compels my heart to easily pulsate with reciprocity,

and Love, "because He first Loved me".



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