Love Together, Fight Together

 Clouds are heavy from gruesome sorrows

Eyes flicker from sudden dampness burning down pale cheeks

Thoughts jumbled, they scream to be heard but yet, say nothing

Lips crack but with a mouth dry no relief can be blessed by tongue 

Scream and shriek until the broken voices are heard amoung the whispers

Shattering glass breaks the pitch black that was once consuming 

Slowly I turn to the monster that lives in me

In us all that we can not shy away from


Shadows fight with talons clawing at my feet

Windows become barred as rooms become cells

Gripping to the flashlight for any type of light, purity

Breath rapid and shallow the clouds push down 

The ending seemed inevitable 

Glittering light pierced through

Oh so blinding 

Clouds flee as the darkness runs with its tail between its legs

Gentle hand reaching forward toward my shallow shell

Ever so carefully lifting me to face the world upright

Affection kisses every movement gifted by every gentle push

This darkness once battled alone was a bitter war 

Fighting the war alone, damp and dark 

Fighting the war together, passion and fiery 

This fiery allows me to forget the demons who follow

This due to the purity between a love of two

Your words are the silencer to my thoughts

As this desire brings ammunition to the fire

With those smiles that are bullets to the heart

Because I love you, this war will not be fought by one


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