Love, Time, and Memories



My life has been complicated by several people’s placement in my life.
One comes walking through the door unannounced
Another runs through my mind unpronounced
The other competes for my attention which I cannot denounce
All the while I’m trying to PACE myself and move towards college
I never thought I would have to tapper my confidence just because I have attracted more flies with honey than vinegar
People tell me to change because I don’t suit there definition of “nice”… 
These people are “friends”
Yet I have no enemies
I've made my confidence beam
Yet, I’m called too mean
I've worked hard to send fears down the drain 
Yet, for that I’m inhum(i)an
I've designed my life to exist in a certain state
Yet, supposedly I’m not the master of my own fate
I know, I am, I remember

With this... I continue



L'aqua Marine

AWESOME!!! I love it :)

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