love like stars: my sweet thing is a monster

Sun, 11/05/2017 - 18:15 -- foxfvce

Us humans, we are bestowed with the curse and the gift of empathy, oh how it can bring the world round

or crashing 

that empathy is a powerful tool with which we must balance mindfully, for it can destroy just as easily as it can create

Theres a reason people always warn you not to take stray animals home, because you never quite know their whole story,

their history remains locked in mystery, you can't always answer ,"who are they?" or," where have they been?"

but man those eyes they look so tired and lost, and you can see the glimmer of stars in their eyes that you call hope

all it needs is a spark, a single atom of hydrogen or helium to ignite beauty that hides there

in those eyes

so you take them home, that sweet sweet thing you know just how to take care of them don't you

a master plan lingers, outstretched between the edges of your all knowing mind,

it's perfect

and that sweet sweet thing, it purrs and melts gratefully in your saving arms for a while, 

keep dreaming little angel, you can be saved in time

they cry when you are away from it, a sound that breaks your heart every time

they must have been so lonely out there on their own

and they scratch and tear at your belongings, leaving a mess of all the things you loved

but it was just to capture your attention

they must have been through so much 

your mom and your friends stay away from them, they dont understand at all 

"they are way to over attatched to you! look at them, and look at you! you haven't done

anything at all besides care for them, what are you going to do about your work? school?"

they don't get it, your little angel needs you 

but that lovely thing oh how they hide many a dark figures behind those glimmering eyes 

and you didn't even know they knew just what they were doing when they ruined all your things

or cried so loudly until you devoted your whole entire being to them, leaving you drained

you give them everything you have 

and they take it, filling their insatiable appetite for love

you have to give it to them, they're starving without your love 

the scratches that bleed on your arms and legs

the bites you hide when you get the rare chance to visit your friends or family

it's just the mere cost of loving something so much 

my little angel

my sweet sweet boy,

is a monster

your friends and your family, they know it well but you push them away 

until they pull back,

and they drag you away from those glimmering eyes

and they let you watch those stars blaze and react ,so volatile,

like a telescope that gained focus you turned away from those seemingly twinkling lights,

you didn't know how blinding they really were

that monster it leaves theeth mark scars on you

that remind you why people really say don't take in strays

that remind you just how easy it is to fake love,

still you are healed,

and still you wonder where that starry eyed creature crawled away to,

you hope it finds what love truly is 

because you did 

love is being strong enough to take as much as you give

love is being strong enough to realize you can love yourself too

and that is fair, that is okay

love does not deplete you of your individual existence, it fuels it 

like a hydrogen or a helium atom,

because stars, like love, can be volatile 

or they can be warm


help you see through dark times instead of blinding you







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