Love is like Spring

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 14:26 -- Aver77


Those moments smiling never alone

Laying on the soft green grass below

In your arms where it once was called home

Watching the clear baby blue space up above

Sun shining down on our skin keeping us warm

Flowers blooming only in the season just as love

Birds chirping loud and bright in glee

Breathing in the smell of the fresh dew

While laughing full of joy and spree

With budding sweet tingles forming in the pit of our belly

A time when love sprouts like the season of spring

When things were pure as a white lily

In a flash love slowly began to fade

Just as fall sweeps in

And the life of all plants start to decay

When hope was around to catch

It quickly fell into pieces

Because we were never meant to match

You and I were like spring

Now we're nothing more

But what fall could bring


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