The Love Song of Beautiful Anne

Anne is so pretty,

Anne is so nice, and Anne is just so wonderful

I stand in the corner watching from the sidelines

Why can't I be her?

Am I the only one who waits for their turn to shine?

Anne walks around doing charitable deeds

I waste my life like a dead seed

A seed that can stand anything but is easily broken

Happy birthday Anne

It’s my birthday too but no one says anything to me

She's the center of everybody’s world

I'm floating aimlessly in the lifeless atmosphere

Am I not heard? Am I'm not seen

I'm the glare in everybody's rearview mirror

Always behind the scene

Anne is the angel and I am the devil

Never to be seen in doing good

No one sees how hard I try

To be the good guy

They just see jealousy

As they did with Cassio and Othello

Anne be my friend

I watch in the lonely pit of where I stay

They all walk away like a mob from a scene

I'm the last one there who is confused of where everyone went

The lonely day became a lonely night

Everybody's at Anne's house

Why wasn't I invited?

I should go over there

Anne lies on her bed

Everyone’s gathered around her

This must be a spur

Beautiful Anne is dead

She’s no longer my competition

Everyone can look at me and see my dark deeds blossom into good deeds

I’m the one who everyone envies

I’m like their master and their my servants all waiting for my command

This comes to a demand to hide the body that left us.

Beautiful Anne must never be found or I will be found of my true self

Now I’m Beautiful Anne

I’m no longer the lonely girl

I’m no longer watching from the sidelines

It’s my time to shine

Merry Christmas Anne

Everybody’s talking to Beautiful Anne

Everybody’s standing around Anne waiting for her next move

Anticipating as I once used to do

This life is not that great

It’s like a dried up grape

Lifeless and small

What’s so special about this life?

The attention I’m sitting in detention

Everyone watching me waiting for me to speak

I can’t take this life anymore

Everyone is knocking at my door

Don’t come in.

Or you will see that I am lying in my bed

Covered in red.


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