Love song

Sat, 04/27/2013 - 21:12 -- SamG23

I'd tell the whole wide world
how much you mean to me
match my confession to a melody
make it into something
enchanting to the ears
a song
a love song
all for you
the way you are always there for me
I can never thank you enough
for all that you've done for me
I am still amazed
that you're all mine
I thank the high heavens every single day
for putting you on my path
and in my way
oh the joy I get
from having you call out my name
I honestly think
that I'm
the most fortunate girl
with the largest streak of luck
cause I met you
cause we fell in love
doo doo do do
oh la la la
I'd strum my guitar
in cheerful sound
convey the happiness
I feel in my soul
oh, what kind of love song could I write?
la la
la la la
la la la
I la-la-love you!
so to put things in simple wording
here's a song with verses that'll repeat constantly
"you are my everything!'
"my one and only!"
"Oh my god, how am I so lucky?"
la la la
"I la-la-la-love you!"
"Won't you be mine, until the end of time?"
may the melody rise
as much as my heart does
whenever I'm around ya
love song
here I play it now!
hear me baby <3


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