Love: In Sickness and in Health

The day my mother walked down the aisle

She walked with beauty, grace, and a vast smile

Dressed in white and pure in her heart

She said her vows, “until death do us part”


Years were sound after she said, “I do”

Until one sad day when all seemed blue

He stumbled, tripped, and lost his balance

Slowly losing all of his talents


My father was diagnosed with a rare disease

I remember praying down on my little knees

Cheeks were stained wet for weeks thereafter

My mother soon lost all of her laughter


Divorce was common for cases like this

However, my mother was not up to dismiss

She relied on doctors to find his cure

But even with knowledge they still weren’t sure


Today’s century is filled with medical advances

Stem cell research could be his ticket for second chances

Vaccines were discovered and pills were created

To help Lyme’s, Hepatitis, and Polio go undated


My life-long quest was to become a Physician Assistant

To make diseases like my father’s become nonexistent

Advancements like telesurgery, prosthetics, and clones

Are milestones of futuristic medical unknowns


Although, as my life passes on I learn

Sickness will always occur and return

Instead of focusing on cures I will help patients cope

Helping the patients stay connected in faith and good hope


My mother taught me the importance of love

To stick by your adored ones when they need a shove





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