Love sick pt.1

And she came sitting right beside me
Shortie be the slim type moving like she wants' me
I bet behind closed doors she can even ride me
It ain't hard to tell baby girl really like' me
Yeah, we get to talking like we be on a campus date
Her mind opene', she found a god she can relate
Prolly devil in disguise she can love with no hate?
She' been depresse', need a vent to share with no other mate
Then I told her stories 'bout how I broke up my ex
I'm taking off my sheep's clotten, let her see who' the beast
And maybe probably she wouldn't wanna be my next
But with the look in her eyes I knew she want' me no less
I'm a man of principles so I put in my best
Not to repeat my mistakes, my hand on my chest
She don't know but she lean', put her hand round my neck
Sitted tight, feeling blesse'... man, in my mind I was like...

Baby I'm afraid to fall in love, looovvveee...

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