The Love Of A Scientist

Sat, 06/27/2015 - 10:13 -- Bunni98

Adam was made of atoms.

I wonder if they confused it for a name.
But I'm not here to question christianity 
Or any other person or belief.
I love Adam 
because I love Eve
And our ancestors came from Atoms and Eve
And From Eve came you and me, 
So technically I already met your relatives
And you've already met mine.
isn't that a good sign? 
God loves all of his childre
so shouldnt he love me?
I know I'm not positive
I know you're critical of atoms 
And its not the same god in which we believe,
But i was taught in algebra
That multiplying two negatives equal a positive.
So maybe we can make something good cause of this.
Maybe if we use our hippocampus
We can think back to the start of us.
Ill know if you remember 
Because your pupils will dilate...
That's what tends to happen
When you're fond of something.
Or someone.
Like Atoms and Eve 
You're my forbidden fruit,
You drive me crazy. 
Im not just making these bible references to make you like me...
I wish you would love me.
Because god said 
Let us love one another
I just know you are the person who can show me this as a lover.
So if religion makes us feel closer
I'm okay with being this fights loser. 
I dont care much for it anymore.
These pieces we dont see 
Are just gray matter. 
But matter cannot disappear
Or be lost.
Im willing to love your god,
If thats what I need to do.
So let us not make this is a loss,
There are dives in this relationship,
And peaks as well. 
I have no beliefs.
Other than that I love you.
this is all that resides in my mind.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. 

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