Love like rain

It's the way we hold hands

In the face of adversity.

When you tell me your

Not satisfied.

When you remember my

mothers birthday.

When I can say that I

Made a mistake

And you forgive me

And you help me.

When you feel the pain of loss

And I can say

Me too.


We can be like rain

That can pitter patter onto the parched earth


For each other

We could provide

The rivers to grow forests

And oceans to preserve the vitality of our worlds.



If we follow

The steps of man,

The trees will be severed,

And our teeming seas will sit




We would wither becoming nothing more than dust.


Dust ground from the world that we could have cultivated,

Because when we stepped into our forests and swam in our oceans


We whispered

To ourselves

“How beautiful, how precious,

How useful”


We would leave all that we touched tarnished

For the greed

Of power,

The idea

Of control.

Over something like nature.

And when the task would be complete

and our resources depleted.

Our faces and hands smeared with the ashes


We would move on

To another

Vibrant field, ocean, lake, forest

To another world

To defile

And leave desolate.

And still, we would be parched we would run out,

Because  we would be captured in our nuclear winter

Unable to grow

Unable to last.




Nature rises

We let it cry out in the wind,

We let it rage in our summer storms, in our hurricanes

We let it weep through our clouds

And we let its awesome power


The ambitions of corrupted man.


When we flow together

And bend with nature

We will be like blood pulsing through veins

Delivering crimson streams of life


Distilled from

Our quiet talk before bed

Our giggling at an inside joke

Out tears and comforting arms

Purified by

Your readiness

To listen


By my willingness

To speak


Our worlds although



With each beat of our hearts

Grow Fonder


Because I love you


          You love me.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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