A Love Poem in the Eyes of a Friend

It's been a while now

That I've had a liking for you

Hidden in the shadows of our friendship

Slowly kindled for years

Perhaps it could be love

But who knows,

There was no intention

To experiment the sensitive subject,

Of love.


And I must admit

Being friends was lovely but

Three years of loyalty

And For what,

A mere recognition

Of what is known

As a lowly friend,

A mere collection

Of what is known

As wasted memories,

A mere interaction

Of what is known

As a foolish slave and his master,


Lost am I

Without the comfort

I once called a friend

Lost am I

Without the love

I once called a friend

Lost am I

Without you.


But you have betrayed me

And For my own sake

I must leave you


Do not expect me to be there

Do not expect my attention

And most definitely 

Do not expect my sympathy


You tore out my heart

Which I must admit I may have accepted

But you went on to 

Tear it to shreds

Watched me bleed

And finished it by burning it


A stained heart never forgives

It is more real now than it ever was


So in the turn of things

Forget about me

Allow me to weep my final tears for you

For tomorrow I will be nothing but a mere stranger to you.


Farewell love,

Farewell my dearest friend

For this is,

The Love Poem in the Eyes of a Mere Friend


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