A Love Poem

I wept tears of gold and emerald for you,

Roads of amber and topaz,

Tears of sentiment beyond value,

Tears of which my intangible things yearned to be embraced,

Weeping tears that treasured the mere feel of your name as it slid between my lips.

Of love, of grief, and pain,

Left stagnant, sweltering acid making subterranean slums out of my cheeks,

Ocean bared saltwater tears bleeding into that of charcoal and tar.

Someday you'd be no more,

My face forever stained with streams of black and earth,

Of darkness, and gorging pits of gloom,

Blindsight to the glimmer and shine of uncut diamonds and absolute perfection,

I turn my cheek the other way and hope your beauty isn't as enticing... though i still seem to see you radiate, even with my eyes closed.

This pain is greater than that of heartbreak.


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