A Love Poem


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Contrary to the title
I am not going to recite a love poem
Because I have given up on love
Every time I sit in an attempt to spew my heart onto the pageless stage
Words fall short of capturing your true beauty
Because beauty’s in the eye of the beholder
And your love has got me blind to reality and dreaming of fantasy
It’d be shallow to say your beauty is only skin deep
I am the brave explorer who ventured past your plastered smiles and tears
Deep into the crevices and uncharted territory of your heart
Tore my still beating, bleeding heart from my chest
Stuck it on a pole
Stabbed it into the cold
Hard unfertile ground of your soul
And in my travels
I found a beauty that tamed this beast

I am not going to recite a love poem
I just can’t find the words
The purest forms of the nouns, adjectives, and verbs
To describe the way your halo glistens and innocently tilts to the side
Didn’t fall from the Heavens God so graciously parted
For you to make your decent into my life
And truth be told
Only God and my soul know the words to this poem called love
See, you have made me reconsider my policy
And I’ve given up on love
There’s not enough clichéd ink in my pens
My love for the planet is too great to consider deforestation
Because my love for our future on it is immeasurable

But I digress
Because I am not going to recite a love poem
Let my actions be the words
My life be the pages
My tender affection: the punctuation in my phrases
Because actions speak louder than words
And a picture is worth a thousand
So, look past my pupils and channel my soul
Gaze upon that canvas where our future is painted
You can’t tell me that’s better than a poem

Quite honestly
I don’t have the time to recite a love poem
Ever since you’ve given me the time of day
I spend my day spending time with you
Whether in my thoughts or my reality
And sometimes I really can’t decipher which is best
Because the here and now is irreplaceable, inescapable
But nothing is sweeter than savoring the taste of the future’s possibilities
It’s obvious Cupid’s been aiming at my heart and
Chronos has been playing with my clocks because
When I’m thinking of you time flies
Like the passion tipped arrow through my heart clear out the other side
And when you’re here
It seems to stand still

So, I lay here straddling a dual universe where I’m thinking of you
Wondering if you’re dreaming of me
And that’s why you’re smiling
As you’re right beside me
And over there
Lies my pen and page not even calling my name
I have given up on love poems
Because why would I ever need to write a love poem
When your beauty is all the poetry I will ever need?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well writen
very creative
the play of words are great-i enjoyed the poem


Love the mythological allusions!


"To describe the way your halo glistens and innocently tilts to the side"... I love this part!  Amazing poem :)


Thank you so much Delovely16. Please read more of my work if you like this poem. if you have a tumblr I will be posting more to my tumblr page: thoughtsbehindthewriting.tumblr.com

i really appreciate the feedback. it means so much to me. 

i will make sure to read some of your work

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