The Love Of The Past

Darling, it’s so nice to run into you here again.
Fate has brought us back to this cosy place.
I’ve been longing to see your exquisite face,
And I’m overjoyed to hear you say, “Hi, Marlon.”
There are so many things to talk about.
I can’t forget the day you gave me your love.
How sweet it was to hold you in my arms.
If we don’t try to make our love work this time,
We’ll wake up every day and miss each other.
Let’s make the most of this good opportunity.

Although we mishandled a good marriage,
I’d rather try again and fail than do nothing.
It’s my desire to be with you once more,
And I want to rekindle the love of the past.
I’ve experienced the love of other fair ladies,
But I can’t help seeing your face in my dreams.
No matter who I kiss, you’re the one I love.
Darling, if you give your heart to me again,
You’ll perceive the sincerity of my love.
I don’t want to give my love to anyone but you.

Please don’t leave me here with my loneliness;
Think about the exciting love that we knew.
Let’s return to the romance of the past.
The long separation has caused us much pain,
And we’ve shed many tears over our loss.
It will ruin our heart if we stay away from each other.
Since we’ve learned from our mistakes,
We shouldn’t let the same thing happen to us again.
Your eyes betray your hunger for my love,
So come back and restore the love of the past.


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