Love In Paris 

Sitting alone talking to the moon, 
Dipping my toes in the pond hoping 
You would find me , 
The Owl and the birds singing their songs   
This tiny little angel of a butterfly just past me by 
With the tears in my eye's  
This love of mind is far away from me you see  
And my heart cry's to him , 
''Paris '', I were he is , 
Si-ping on Red wine I think going about his life without me , 
Oh moon what should I do ?  
Why do love have to be like this ? 
What did I miss ? 
What is that over there? 
Is it the star that acts as if it cares ! 
It's two little angels with love in there mist 
Playing on heaven's slide. 
The music of the night the songs of the wind  
Takes me back to ''Paris '' again . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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