With Love, Papaw


We thought of you again today,

Reminded of the pain.

I think about you everyday,

As tears fall like rain.

I'll often feel an emptiness,

From somewhere deep within,

It's not the same with you gone.

I can't shake that feel of broken.

People ask me questions,

Remind me how it was,

That initial sense of "This isn't real."

Then came all the buzz.

The time between what happened,

And when we'll know the truth,

Has yet to be determined,

But we know we're still close to you.

We'll keep your voice close,

Remember what you said.

"You can do anything you set your mind to."

Those words still ring in my head.

Your knowledge was my blessing,

One that will never part.

Although you're in God's keeping,

You'll live forever in my heart.


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