Love or Lust and How to Trust


What happens when the lights shine for someone else?
When something that once reminded you of that person strikes no emotional feel anymore? 
It’s a terrifying feeling, leaving me sick and twisted over
What happens when I tried so hard for you when you didn’t care?
When I poured tears and blood over your lack of attention
I’m pushed away until I’m needed, then expected to change for you
What happens when I want to hear more fingertips on guitar strings?
When I’m craving time spent without words, without actions
Just the sound of your hands on your guitar as the music flows
Soothing for me, mellowing for you, cause of contagious smiles
What happens when I’m stuck in the middle?
When I have one of the hardest choices and I cannot face it without tears
What do I love? What do I lust? Who loves me? Who do I trust?


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