Is this a love or friendship poem?


It is difficult to interpret the signals shooting from your heart.


For example, is the way your hair flows telling a story considered love?


Or is it a sign of an excellent conditioner?


Regardless, the love you feel towards a friend can be as strong the raw attraction that pulls you towards your lover.


Now, I am sure Neruda would have difficulty describing your essence, but I sure would like to attempt too.


That smile, that smile, thx Oh oat smile is contagious to say the very least.yu


It flashes in my head occasionally and brings ultimate joy.


You’re not all looks, for the words-oh those delicious words- come in abundance.


I can tell you are troubled when you no longer feel the need to recite one of your stories.


Your elegance, your elegance, your elegance is killer.  


On your delicate but mighty back you carry the tale of your parent’s love, your passion for culture, the laughs your exchange on the daily.


So much character to compose the best novel, yet you carry yourself with such.......elegance.


You’re my muse, my muse, my muse who gives me my best ideas.


You see, how can I stare at a film about an independent woman for 115 eternal minutes, when I have the epitome of one sitting right next to me? (Did I mention that hair or that smile of yours, because they are radiant )


No, I did not repeat the adjectives three times as a clever use of literary devices, but as a symbol of the amount of times I have to breath and tell myself: Wow, this person is actually your friends (or at least I hope so).


This is just a friendship.


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