Love Is Not Just A Word

You love me, you love me not

the blooming rose may never rot

You always stayed at my side

Down the fainty rode of my ride


Through the dark clouds, comes your light 

I always wanted you in my sight

As you bestowed upon me your trust

And promised to love me til we the dust

Even though we have not always greatly communicate

Our hearts stay connected through fate


In our relationship, one has to give and take

But my feelings for you will never shake

Through all of my misdeeds, you forgave but did not forget

And for those actions, I will always apologize and regret

As I did not hold my words true

But I always did kept one saying for you:


Me as your companion will always understand

That your love is worth over a grand

As your shine is great as the heavenly gates

It make me elate to be your soulmate

Me leaving your side is a never

As I love you always and forever


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