Love is not...

She saw that love was heavy

Unaware as a young child

Intensity flowed in her blood

Living in her father’s house

Love looked like a harsh war

And she built a fence of bricks

She let herself turn grey and numb

She was disregarded

She felt that there was a decree

That it was okay to be manipulated

That she should be okay with hurtful words

Just to cover that gunshot with a band-aid


Out of the blue, her lover pronounced

If you let me, I will show you

That love is not what you think

Love is not complicated or superficial

Love is not cruel or painful

Love is harmony

Love is a free reign


Growing up in a church

Her teachers talked about love constantly

They taught her that the Holy Father loves her

And when she heard that

She thought that she would be ignored

Or that she was the exception of His love

One would think that she knew better

But she didn’t


Discovering that she was wrong was a relief

The intensity that she saw

Peeping through her bedroom door

Was not true

She always knew that there was more

She started to block hurt from her life

Even if it was from her parents, her friends, or herself

She soon fell in love

And she did not love like her father

She loved like herself

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