A Love That Never Ends

You can be the prince
And i could be the princess
Cause i must confess
You are looking so fresh
What you know about love?
I know youve been hurt by someone else
Your not easy to love like anyone above
I will care for you, Ill take care of you
I just want you close
We're the perfect two
I swear the whole world stops
No one can get in the way i feel for you
You'll always be mine
They don't see you like i do
I make it look like its magic
Cause i see nobody but you
Looking in your perfect brown eyes
It's you that im in love with
I ain't judging you boo
Ill be there, if you really need me
Ill show you how to love me the right way
When it comes to my heart baby
Ill let you love me everyday
I'd be your wife
In the real life
Frozen in time
Always be mine
Young forever
A love that never ends

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