Love is More

If we are meant as creatures to love and be loved, if it is in our DNA to procreate, than why is love so hard to define. Why does it seem as if love is only a general statement, love isn't just love but really comes with every emotion possible, there's anger, passion, worry it can't just be love. When you find that one person it just gets more and more confusing everyday. You have questions that you may never find the answer to. You get worried that every day it might be your last with the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. And what life would it be without that person. Are we really meant to only have one true love? If it ends shall we never love again? Do we learn to love or is it an instinct? If love is just simply a four letter word than why is it so powerful, why does it control, dictate, and determine our life. We feel empty if we do not have it, feel as if we are at fault if we lose it, and wonder what could be wrong with us if love is never found, but do we hope, do we pray, do we seek just to achieve that powerful feeling. A simplistic term that may only come once in a life time. All across the world, in every language, it is known, it is seen, it is heard, it is felt, and yet it is underestimated because beyond our comprehension love is so much more.


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