Love me, yeah right

You say you love me,

Yeah Rright!

You wouldn' know what love was,

if it was dancing in the mirror.

Singing sweet tunes as you slept through the night.

You say you love me,

Yeah right!

Love is a four letter word that holds no meaning for me.

A word said too many times with no ties to its definition.

A constant feeling of strong affection,

but it couldn't have been that strong.

Strong enough for the sweet words to escape your lips,

but not enough for you, you had to keep looking for chicks.

To fill the void you had while I was work.

Busting 16 hour days to elevate our life.

But what happened instead is that you took my life.

You took it all!

You claimed that you love me.

Yeah right!

Love doesn't feel like grinding of teeth in the middle of the night whle you sleep.

It doesn't act two faced and only giving you sometime affection.

One word, four letters and yet

it all means nothing.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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