Love Me Unconditionally

Love me unconditionally...

through sickness and health
when my problems, my fears,
and worries exceed my wealth
When I'm crying out for help,
or just want to be heard;
or on those days when I just
want to be alone,
and I turn my phone on
'Do Not Disturb'
When my thoughts are clouded,
yet the sun is out.
When you're not hearing me,
so to make sure you're listening,
I scream and shout.
When my skin is a bit bumpy,
and my stomach is pudgy.
And nothing seems to be fitting,
so I want to stay in, instead;
or when my eyes are all red
from crying my eyes out,
and my eyelids are puffy,
and the tears won't stop flowing
and my nose won't stop running.
When I just need your support,
just a simple
'I'm here for you,'
but you mean it.
And you don't demean
or belittle
or ridicule for not understanding.
So instead of taunting me,
and loving me conditionally,
How about loving me
when pieces of me are broken
and my voice sometimes gets lost,
because it feels like I'm choking
or loving me for my imperfections,
and being that shoulder to lean on
when I feel as if I'm becoming weak,
during the week.
So how about loving me
and lending a hand
down to my valley,
to help me reach
the mountain peak.

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