Love Me Once More

Your eyes tell me that you’re eager to love me again.
I’m happy to see that you haven’t lost the ardour.
Baby, you certainly know how to do romantic things.

Love me while the musicians play sensual tunes.
Gyrate in my arms when you hear the Latin melody.
Let the motion of your body arouse me tonight.

Love me with the passion of a young woman in love.
Smile at me seductively and then close your eyes.
Please love me once more the way you did last night.

Love me no less than you’re capable of loving me.
Show me the maximum power of your seduction.
Come closer so I can feel the pulsation of your heart.

Love me as if this is the last time we’re making love.
Baby, sweeten your irresistible lips for me once more.
Say you love me, and let me bask in your love again.


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