love with a lowercase l


love. It is not always patient.

“Of course you got fired, you are good for nothing.”


love. It is not always kind.

“You look ugly in that, go change.”


love. It can be proud.

“I’m right, you’re wrong.”


love. It can be self-seeking.

“I washed a dish like you wanted, lay on the bed.”


love. It can be easily angered.

“It’s just a few bruises.”


love. It does not always trust.

“You better not leave the house while I’m gone.”


love. It does not always hope.

“We’re never going to work out, are we?”


love. It does not always persevere.

“I want a divorce.”


love. It can fail.


Perhaps you are wondering, how can this be love?

Think well, think hard, and conclude that Love has not been described once in these stanzas.


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Our world
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