love is love so how come its not

how come its gone?

the concept

the reasoning behind  true love 

how come its hidden behing religious views 

and verses?

how come the holywater is said to burn those

who just happen to fall for the "wrong" person

and when that person falls too

how come people grimmace when they hold hands?

why is a dark shadow cased across a certain way to love?

where do the gender rolls come from?

how does liking a sport

or past time

or fucking color

determin the sex of ones lover?


why does it get to the point where people are left lonely and empty 

when the judging becomes too much for their love 

their one true love 

their heart and soul and better half 

how come they had to leave this earth before they were ready

dont you see where the real evil ies 

why dont we send the judgers 

the ridiculers 

the bullies 

the protesters 

the real bad guys

to hell?

oh, thats right

because their sexual preference is preferable in gods eyes. 

that cerial killer?

that man killed.

produced blood and stopped heart beats 

but oh  the glory of god, saves him because 

in his pointless, heartless, pathedic life he prefered the oposite sex.

and do you see that other man there 

holding his MALE partner's hand? 


he has given

love and support and happiness to those that need it 

BU DONT WORRY GUYS we wont see that faggot in heaven! 

he couldve changed the world for good 

he couldve abolished poverty

cured diseases

saved lives 

but the moment he kissed his true love's lips

that moment his true love just happened to be the man

for some reason,

that moment determined his supposed fate.

how come?


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