Love is love, no matter which form.

When a man loves a woman, 

it is accepted.

When a woman loves a man,

it is accepted.

So why is it 

that when a man loves a man,

it is not accpeted?

Love is love,

no matter which form.

Whether it be a man and a woman,

or a man and another man.

We all produce a feeling of love,

but we cant control who that feeling is meant for.

So who are we to judge?

Who are you to judge?

If they are happy, 

why cant you be too?

Life is to short,

to worry about other peoples lives

and choices.

We were all made equal,

and deserve to be treated the same.

So when a man loves another man, 

instead of passing judgement

accept them.

Because the worlds worst feeling,

is feeling as though you dont fit in.

Like you arent equal to everyone around you.

When in reality, 

we are all the same.

Just with different 

views on what love is,

and who to love.


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