Love Lost Its Way

Love Lost Its Way 

In your early morning greeting your coldness burns me, 
What did you drink for you to act this away to me ? 
A taxi appeared out of no where , 
You sadden my heart in the cold dark with out a spark  
Of something good . 
Frostbitten by your aura I recoil from your stone cold heart. 
You have no love and you walk in the dark . 
Conversation is severe, monosyllabic,

words thrust at me wounding like spears. 
I cry and I with hope in my eye's that you would stop and see 
The coldness you are given to me . 
You got in the taxi with a look on your face with hate , 
But then you you you had something to say , 
Once again I believe in us...but for what ! 
I look to the sky with hurt in my eyes

just then I had seen to stars blinking at me . 
And the moon has its face in the water deep . 
My hearts locked in perpetual confusion . 
I was Imagining your warm embrace

of your  arms of long ago .  
Two hearts beating as one . 
As one entity, one soul, we survey the universe. 
What now I cry with so much pain

in my life because you left my side , 
I pray day and night for God

to be our Gide and put your love back in my life.  
But the actuality our love has to be faced.

so much heartaches  
At times I just want to let go 
But then my heart tells me no 
My hearts thinks about Abraham and Sarah , 
how much they have love that Jehovah gave them . 
I feel one day Jehovah will do the same for you and I

The oceans cries and apart waves to another way for  
True love to find what it is looking for , 
Many had shipwrecked and many had found there way . 
But for the love of my better half lost at Sea without me .  

I feel that I am slowly becoming insane out in pouring rain . 
I no longer recognize his cold darken heart that is taken my apart 
I am a soul waning 
A heart weakening 
In a passionless darken world, 

Lost of love with no hope of his heart to return to me . 
Lost at Sea are We . 

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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