Love in Logic


Love in Logic


In a perfect world

It would star date 3201.1,

& We, We’d be Vulcan.


See Vulcans put logic and reason before emotion,

so before the fights and tears

We’d incite a logical inquiry;

Both desperately searching for a solution.

Never wanting to hurt each other.


Sending a landing party to our hearts,

phasers set to stun—

To numb our temporary insanity.


Our superhuman strength 

would give us a one up on earth love,


Our telepathy would conjure inside jokes

and we’d always be connected,

For we could use our mind melds to 

bridge the gaps whenever apart.


Because Baby, our biology would be different.

So the green I see on your face 

when you laugh with another,

won’t be because of my jealous rage,

but because of the copper based blood

running through your veins.


& since our hearts are low— 

between ribs & pelvis

when hips thrust at Warp speed 11

our hearts will touch;


Reacting like 2 dilithium crystals

sending this enterprise of love

into hyper drive.


But after the first time.

When you Kirked out

After boldly going where no man had gone before,

I knew you must already be part vulcan.



Because you left me there

With no explanation.

And on episode 39,

Without much explanation

Spock almost let his father die

in the name logic, even though he still loved him.


So I figure you must have loved me

& there was some logic in you leaving.


You didn’t realize

that to me,

you walking out that door

equated a beam exiting a phaser.


The hit stunned me.

I wished that phaser had been set to kill.

How could I ever live long and prosper?


I’d been Vulcan Neck Pinched,

Apprehension froze my nervous system.


I couldn’t thaw the nerves

To ask why you left.


I needed to go to Sickbay,

But McCoy just responded with

I’m a Doctor not a therapist

& sent me back to the bridge.


That week, 

While sitting at the 87th funeral

For a red shirt.


I began to reconsider my wish to be Vulcan.

Because it’s Spock’s time of the decade

& Pon Farr is taking hold.


Last time he almost let his vices

Cause him to kill Jim.

Yet, T’Pring didn’t even want him.


The Suppressed emotions, the sexual depravity, the violent fits. 

They are all too much.

I don’t want to kill you because you can’t get it up

or because I’m on my period.

Do Vulcan’s even get periods?



So, I don’t know if I want to be Vulcan anymore


Because Amanda Grayson mistranslated

Arie'mnu to mean Lack of Emotions, 

When really it meant Passions Mastery.


& I don’t think that I am strong enough

To master my passion.

Don’t think that I could handle purging myself

Of all emotion. 

& I Don’t think that I couldn’t care when you 

When you walk out on me. 


So I think I will stay in my imperfect world.

With or without you.


Waiting for the Starship Enterprise to come

Seeking out new life and new civilizations. 


Coming close enough to my world

So my communicator connects


And I can finally say

Beam me up scotty


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