Love Lines (Closure)

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 13:19 -- BaseSix


Fall in love

More like, fell in love

Reminding myself of what a brother once was

A stand up dude, doing humble deeds for nothing in return, 'til I met my main squeeze

My first mistake was to not sieze lead

Now stereotypes and love games define me

Endless efforts towards changing such perceptions

Left the miscommunication straying in different directions

My first love that I would hope to be my last is never sold on my past that was never up for sale

So I inhale comformity to my shorty

Yet still, all hell breaks loose to "Oh Lordy"

At one point I felt rich in posture

Depriving myself of an oscar (Peep game)

The temptations never held lustful weight

Football, Raps, and Video Games took the cake

But I'm treading so graceful, choke holds on thin ice

Epidermis cutting so easy

The night life's badged up for insecurity

Call it how you see it, these are really just concerns

From the shit that I know, and the trouble I see

Then it falls like confetti as it lands on me

Never would I trade her for the world, I give her mine

Exclude the winter 'cuz my shorty summer time fine

Year round, yet she feels so cold

I don't feel that warm heart that I use to know

Providing my own for direct possession

So I ain't got one to protect, and yet I still love her

Never another for I wouldn't know how to

I found a couple reasons as to why she's so doubtful

I was, raised friendly, radiant with gentlemen qualities

Though its said to be illogically skewed

Unproven lude crudeness, it has to be malicious, from major inconspicuousness

What do I have to be nice for?

I don't have friends of the opposite sex

Though I'm deemed of the action

Betrayl in such a sleazy fashion

Queuing the vexed

Imaginative scenarios with 44s

Feels like I'm fighting with fourty foes

Stress up high, yet I feel so low

I need a nerve calmer, but I took that blow

Or just one sip of your strongest shit

I don't need that mixed because it's just one chick

This palmed head I grip

I got a hold on reality

Gave my kingdom up for what I thought was her majesty

She practically mold my jester like anatomy

Or so that's how it felt, but how does it feel?

Is what I feel still considered what's defined as real?

No traces to find my way

The love lines I've drawn, disappeared that day


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