Love Letter Left Unsent

His hands touch hers without physical contact.

Four years strong and her neurons are still tingling with excitement.

The universe expanded just a little more when their connection is made.

Their love grows like a beautiful flower in the middle of an apocalypse.

He watches her grow up from afar, falling in and out of love like an angel on a mission.

She tells him every day how much he means to her but he's too shy, too hurt to believe.

Silence is their peace of mind and kisses are exchanged via pixelated images on expanding screens.

The distance seperating them burns, a cigarette puffed from the wrong direction.

Neither one of them knows the other is their soulmate. There is no seperation between them.

There is only every shared memory, every exchanged look and blown kiss, every single "I love you" spoken with barely contained tears.

Movies late at night, crying where no one sees but he knows and she knows that the other shares this feeling. Like in these moments they are infinite.

She can feel his heart beat on her pillow. He hears her breath in his dreams.

Each time he logs off it's like sending him off to war.

How long until they talk again?

Will he be as bruised as last time?

Will he still know that I love him...

I love you Matthew. William. Billie.

More than you could ever tell.

You'll never read this poem because I'll never let you know how badly I need you.

If I did, you'd convince yourself I'm better off without you, and I just can't let that happen.

I love you.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hidden truth behind this message

love the way you connected love, abuse, truth to thoughts that impact lives and raises awareness

keep writing

great reflection

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