a love that kills

he said he loved her and she believed
but he took and took from her whenever he pleased

a love once so strong, became twisted in lies
her heart that was once so big started shrinking in size

she fought so long for a battle that only consisted of one
but he still took one look at her and said he was done

now she spends her days and nights crying alone in her bed
about a boy who couldn't care less even if she was dead

when he left he took everything, even her heart
now even on the best days she feels herself falling apart

she prays one day he will come back after hes seen the scars hes made
because even though hes hurt her she still wishes he would have stayed

she tries to move on and live her life without him more and more
but deep in herself she knew what life without him would have in store

now the poison that has finally killed her and set her heart into flames
was once his love that flourished through her veins


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